Wireless Tiltmeter with RF Transmission

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The Encardio-rite model EAN-95MW is an advanced wireless tilt meter suitable for real time monitoring of small changes in inclination and vertical rotation of structures. The tilt meter combines high precision MEMS sensor with a radio transmission network to provide accurate tilt data.

The tilt meter is a standalone unit in a weatherproof compact enclosure and provides reliable and high-resolution readings with long term stability. It is interfaced with the long-range, low power wireless radio frequency network that allows tilt meter to send recorded data to the Gateway. The Gateway then uploads all the collected sensor data to the central/cloud server. The wireless network used in the system has an advantage of reliable data transfer over long distances with utmost reliability and without any delay.

A cloud-hosted data management and configuration software can be used to manage the network. The configuration can be done with an easy to use smartphone application that comes free with the system.


With the real-time data collected from EAN-95MW wireless tilt meter, the authorities can know about the slightest of change taking place in the project. This allows one to take timely decisions, increase safety, reduce project delays and be more cost-effective.

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Instrument Name

Wireless tilt meter

Sensor Type

Digital MEMS (SDI-12), biaxial


Box type, with RF communication, in-built datalogger


Remote tilt monitoring of structures like buildings, dams, tunnel, retaining walls, etc




± 15°

Key Testing / Calibration

Accuracy test, individually calibrated, providing high accuracy & repeatability

Key Feature/Advantage

Can be used at location without cellular network, long batery life for standalone operation, in-built datalogger

Protection (Waterproofing)

Corrosion resistant weather proof enclosure

Dimension (mm)

120 x 122 x 90 (LxWXH)



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