Model ECS-101 Corrosion Monitoring System

Encardio Rite offers a cost-effective reliable corrosion monitoring solution for existing as well as to be constructed structures. The system can be used without the limitations imposed by carbonization and exposure to chlorides in the surrounding environment.

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Model ECS-101 corrosion monitoring system provides an accurate and easy-to-use online monitoring solution to assist in detecting and reporting the occurrence of corrosion over time and taking preventive action in time. With embedded sensors, accurate information about the in-situ durability parameters of concrete structures, such as corrosion current density, concrete resistivity, temperature, and concentration of chloride ions, can be monitored and diagnostic information provided.

Model ECS-101 corrosion monitoring system is a scalable system. Various solutions are available for small as well as large structures. Please contact the factory for an optimized cost-effective solution to suit the project requirement.



Encardio Rite ECS-101 is a system for measuring the current corrosion state of the structure under monitoring and its corrosion rate. It can be used to monitor corrosion in:

  • Bridge decks and underground parking garages heavily influenced by de-icing salt
  • Structural elements in public swimming pools, amusement parks
  • Inaccessible areas e.g. in tunnels and bridges in the corrosive marine environment
  • Structures under the influence of acid rain, e.g. chimneys, funnels, smokestacks, etc.

It’s capable of working in standalone mode; however, it’s generally used at a number of locations on the structure to be monitored, as it gives a better idea of the concrete health of the entire structure provides critical information about corrosion, and serves as an early warning system that is necessary for structural health.

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