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Encardio-rite offers Terraweb, a web based monitoring platform where user can view maps, charts and data of surveying points and geotechnical instruments of a monitoring project. It has powerful tools for retrieving data from remote data loggers (which can geographically spread over large area), archiving data in a SQL database, performing required calculations on data and presenting the processed data in tabular and most suitable graphical forms for easy interpretation and generating alarm messages.

Terraweb aims to give immediate view of the situation of any civil engineering project, asset, infrastructure, mine, high rise building, landslide area etc. It is a complete management solution for monitoring construction with topographical, geotechnical and environmental sensors.It offers Google Map navigation, graphical navigation, expandable graphs giving a quick view of all the monitoring data. 

Terraweb can accept input from a wide variety of dataloggers such that the user has an easy access to all the information on a single platform for risk management, evaluation, interpretation and decision-making. It also accepts manual monitored data, images, diagrams, drawings, etc.

Site location, meaningful instrumentation data is available at a mouse click to monitor performance of project in real time, with instant warnings. The early warnings help in taking timely corrective actions to prevent damages/delays and in reducing operational costs.  

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