The Encardio-rite model EAN-90M tilt meter is suitable for monitoring of inclination and vertical rotation in structures. It is a high resolution tilt meter, is rugged in construction and has excellent temperature stability.

Model EAN-90M tilt meter consists of a MEMS sensor, mounted inside stainless steel housing. The sensor SS enclosure is welded using an electron beam welding technique, with a vacuum of 1/1000 Torr inside it. The sensor provides a relatively low cost system which offers excellent resolution, long term stability and a low thermal sensitivity.

The tiltmeter is fixed on a vertical or horizontal surface by means of an adjustable bracket and expandable anchor. Movement of the structure causes change in tilt of the tilt meter, which results in change in output of the sensor. Measurements can be made on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Subsequent sets of readings show how the structure is behaving and will give an indication of permanent deformations as time progresses.


Model EAN-90M has a voltage output, which can be read by any suitable readout unit that measures differential voltage output. It can also be directly connected to our automatic data acquisition system. 

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