Project Information

  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Client: Tysan Foundation Geotechnical Limited
  • Year: 2019

Stonecutter Bridge

The project formed part of Highways Department Route 9 and this section comprised the stonecutters bridge linking Stonecutters Island and Tsing Yi. Tysan's scope was to construct bored pile foundation for the bridge East and West Towers and approach piers consisting of 18 number of 2.0 m dia., 34 number of 2.5 m dia. and 56 numbers 2.8 m dia. bored piles ranging in depth from 50 m to over 100 m (due to presence of fault zone at West Tower, a few piles required to be driven up to 100 m below existing ground level). 42 numbers of 2.0 m dia. bored piles were also provided as support to the false-works for the bridge decks.

Encardio-rite supplied geotechnical monitoring instruments for the project. The instrumentation were supplied through our Marketing Associate in Hong Kong and included mostly Digital Inclinometers to monitor the lateral movement of the piles.

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