Shongtong–Karchham Hydro Electric Project

Shongtong–Karchham Hydro Electric Project

Shongtong–Karchham Hydro Electric Project

The HPPCL developed the Shongtong–Karchham Hydro Electric Project 450 MW on river Satluj in District Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh. The project is envisaged as a run-of-river (RoR) Scheme. The barrage site is located near village Powari and the powerhouse is located near village Ralli on the left bank of river Satluj near the confluence of river Bapsa with river Satluj. The HEP not only provides affordable power to the residents of Himachal Pradesh but also provides excess power to other states within India.

The project includes:

Barrage - 26 m high, 122.6 m long at the top 

Four 260 m long underground chambers

7.7 km headrace tunnel

110 m high and 30.6 m diameter surge shaft

23 m wide by 54 m high underground powerhouse

Scope of works: Supply, installation, monitoring, and reporting

Encardio-rite supplied and provided installation and monitoring services for a comprehensive range of instruments for risk assessment during the construction of the diversion barrage. Instrumentation included borehole extensometers – multipoint, compression load cells, portable readout units, digital tape extensometer, and bireflex target

Encardio-rite was also awarded the contract for slope monitoring in the abutment. Digital Inclinometer is being used for monitoring slope stability. The installation and monitoring is quite a challenge as these are installed on the hills. The installation was quite deep, up to 100 m below ground level. 

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