Seymour Street Office Renovation

Seymour Street Office Renovation

A two-story, masonry structure that was over 100 years old underwent renovation and expansion to offer more office space. Building an elevator pit for a new elevator in the constrained internal area of the current building footprint was one aspect of the modification. A brick and concrete block external wall as well as pre-existing beam footings supporting the second floor frame were all nearby when the elevator pit was dug.

Rite Geosystems Inc., USA was entrusted with providing automated instrumentation for the project with real-time monitoring results to detect settlement of the existing support column footings and movement of the existing perimeter wall during underpinning excavation of the existing masonry wall and elevator pit.

The type of instrumentation installed at this site included wireless tilt meters, beam sensors and vibrating wire strain gauges. In addition to automated instrumentation, settlement pins were installed for survey monitoring of the wall and beam footings.

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