Lucknow Metro project

Lucknow Metro project

Lucknow Metro project

Lucknow Metro is a rapid transit system of Lucknow city, Uttar Pradesh, operated by Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation under contract LKCC-06, awarded to M/s Gulemak TPL, a joint venture.

Package LKCC-06 covers 3.5 km underground section of Lucknow Metro, which includes 3 stations for 22.878 km north-south line. The 3 stations included in this section are Hussainganj, State Secretariat (Secretariat) and Hazratganj.

Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for supply as well as installation of safety monitoring instrumentation for the project. The instrumentation mainly included:

  • Digital tiltmeter
  • Digital inclinometer system
  • In-place inclinometer system

Online monitoring was done using advanced dataloggers and web based data management system. The online data was available online through our web based data management system to the Contractor, Client as well as the Consultant on their desktops, laptops and mobiles. The database management software has the provision to give alarms by SMS/email in case any data crosses the pre-set review and alert levels.  The near real-time data helped in the smooth and cost effective progress of construction works.

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