Project Information

  • Location: New Castle County, Delaware, USA

BR 1-159 Bridge on James Street Over Christina River Project

This project is a bridge replacement project that involves the construction of a new 393'-11 7/8", 5- span bridge on James Street over Christina River in New Castle County, Delaware.

The existing bridge BR 1-159 is structurally deficient, with its movable portion inoperable. Its steel superstructure exhibits heavy corrosion and section loss.

The instrumentation and monitoring plan included the installation of geotechnical instruments for the monitoring of subsurface soil conditions around the existing seventy-two (72) inch Christina River Force Main (CRFM) concrete sewer pipe.

Rite Geosystems Inc., our USA Company was trusted to provide complete instrumentation for the project, including the supply of geotechnical instruments and automatic monitoring with data loggers.