Project Information

  • Location: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Year: 2018

Nuclear Power Plant Krsko Project

The Krško Nuclear Power Plant (Slovene: Jedrska elektrarna Krško, JEK, or Nuklearna elektrarna Krško, NEK, Croatian: Nuklearna elektrana Krško) is located in Vrbina in the Municipality of Krško, Slovenia. The plant is a 2-loop Westinghouse pressurized water reactor, with a rated thermal capacity of 1,994 thermal megawatts (MWt) and 696 megawatts-electric (MWe). The high level nuclear waste from the plant is stored in the spent fuel pool, as is the usual practice for nuclear power stations. The spent fuel pool at Krško has the capacity to store all high level (spent nuclear fuel assemblies) until the end of plant life (2023). Low level waste is stored at power station and secondary repositories.

Encardio-rite supplied the geotechnical instruments for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Krsko project (Zagreb, Croatia) through marketing associate in the region.  Geotechnical instruments supplied included a good number of anchor bolt load cells, sister bars with portable smart readout units.

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