Encardio-rite in partnership with Move Solutions offers innovative sensors and wireless communication devices capable of carrying out structural monitoring in both dynamic and static conditions. Move Solutions have a partnership with Encardio-rite for the geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring solutions for mega civil engineering infrastructure.

The range of sensors includes dynamic displacement sensor, tilt meter, tilt beam, accelerometer, vibrometer. Communication devices includes analog node, digital node, LoRaWAN communication gateway along with an online data visualization platform. The Move wireless system can also integrate a wide range of geotechnical probes and sensors to provide data.

With a patent and several printed publications behind it, Move designs LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) networks with LoRaWAN wireless communication. One of the great advantages is that the entire wireless operation is linked with the battery as a power source. The radio transmission protocol has been chosen among the most advanced technologies, selecting LoRaWAN for its long-range transmission (hundreds, thousands of meters) and its low power consumption. This low consumption allows the devices to work for years only with on-board batteries. Replacing the batteries is fast and easy, they are commercial type batteries that are easy to find and replace.

Wireless monitoring plays an invaluable role in the construction, maintenance and especially in the security of infrastructure. This is a very important task that requires a high level of quality, reliability and safety of the products and services offered. With Move Solutions’ innovative technology and Encardio-rite’s expertise in the field, this partnership provides the cutting-edge solution for structural health monitoring.

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