Our History

Encardio Rite has been at the forefron to pathbreaking innovations and achievements in the geotech instrumentation industry for the past five decades. Fuelled by our values and energised by our purpose, our ethos inspires us to lead the industry by creating effective and relevant solutions to support our clients everyday.

  1. 1966

    Mr. Amod Gujral laid the foundation of the Encardio Rite Group.

  2. 1973

    The R&D division of Encardio Rite registered itself with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  3. 1977

    Encardio Rite's capabilities were recognized all over the country when the MD of the company, Mr. Amod Gujral received the prestigious IMM Award for Markteing Man of the year from the President of India.

  4. 1978

    Encardio Rite entered into collaboration with the Indian Space Organization (ISRO) for manufacture of high precision load cells, pressure transducers, data amplifiers and vibration sensors. ISRO also helped Encardio Rite procure an electron beam welding machine enabling us to manufacture world class sensors with a vacuum inside them.

  5. 1981

    A second factory was set-up around 100 m away from the first factory. The electron beam welding machine along with other sophisticated manufacturing and test equipment were set-up in the new factory.

  6. 1984-1987

    The company made a tactical change and moved into the field of Geotechnical and associated services, and introduce the vibrating wire technology for manufacture of geotechnical instrumentation for the first time in the country.

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