Encardio-Rite’s Model EDS-12V Vibrating Wire Sister Bar is used to measure strain in concrete structures such as diaphragm/slurry walls, piles, tunnel lining, bridge abutments, foundations, dams etc. It contains of a hollow bar with vibrating wire strain gage which is coaxially mounted inside it. On the two end sides the hollow bar is extended with 12 mm Ø reinforced bars. This model is also available with a 16 mm Ø  reinforced bar variant.

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Instrument Name

Sister bar strain meter

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire


Consists of a instrumented hollow rebar, extended on the two sides with solid reinforced bars.


To measure strain/stress in reinforced concrete structures, scuh as piles, d-walls, bridge abutments, etc.




2500 μ strain

Key Testing / Calibration

accuracy test

Key Feature/Advantage

Fully encapsulated for protection against handling and installation damage.

Protection (Waterproofing)

IP-68, water resistant up to 40 mwc

Dimension (mm)

26 x1400 (for 12.0 φ) 30 x1400 (for 16.0 φ)

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