Plumbline With Optical Prism Readout

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Encardio-rite normal and inverted plumb lines are simple and reliable systems that are widely used in civil engineering projects where highly accurate long-base rotation/tilt/relative displacement measurements are needed, like in high rise buildings, concrete and masonry dams, nuclear plants, etc. Plumb line is mainly used in concrete and masonry dams for measurement and monitoring of relative displacement between:

  • Dam top and the base
  • Base and the foundation rock

Portable optical readout system

The system employs two travelling telescopes (one each for X and Y axes) for measurement of displacement. The travelling telescopes are mounted at right angles to each other. This obviates the necessity of moving and realigning the telescope, plumb line and reference plumb every time a reading has to be taken in the X and Y axes. Two travelling telescopes not only cut short the observation time but also minimize any chance of error.

To facilitate observation from the same direction, one of the telescopes is provided with a right angle prism before the objective lens.

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