Mechanical Crack/Joint Meter

Encardio Rite crack meters and joint meters are ideally suited for the measurement of movement. These measurements are important for monitoring the behaviour of civil structures and buildings.

The crack meter is used to measure the change in the width of a surface crack. It is used to monitor cracks in concrete structures, rocks, bridges, pavement slabs, etc. The joint meter is ideally suited for the measurement of displacement/movement across joints, such as a joint opening between two concrete/masonry blocks in a dam.

Encardio Rite offers the following types of mechanical type crack/joint meters. The electric versions are also available for automatic readings and wireless data transfer.

1. Model EDJ-40C - Uniaxial Scale Type:

The EDJ-40C crack meter is ideally suited for measuring the change in width of a surface crack to a resolution of 0.5 mm. It is integrated with a graduated scale and a transparent acrylic plate with a hairline cursor mark. The assembly when installed across the crack, the graduated scale and cursor move relative to each other depending upon the crack opening or closing.

2. Model EDJ-40C2 - Biaxial Scale Type:

Model EDJ-40C2 is a biaxial mechanical crack meter with a marking of ±25 mm (x-axis) and ±10 mm (y-axis). It is ideally suited for measuring the change in width of a surface crack to a resolution of 0.5 mm or shearing.

3. Model EDJ-41M - Uniaxial Bolt Type:

The model EDJ-41M is used for monitoring cracks, joints, and fissures. It consists of two stainless steel round datum blocks that are installed on either side of the opening. Each datum block has a groove on the surface along the circumference to assist in taking readings.

4. Model EDJ-40TJ - Triaxial:

Encardio Rite model EDJ-40TJ triaxial crack/joint meter is used for surface measurement. Surface crack/joint measurements can be made either on the surface or at locations accessible from galleries (in the case of the dam).

Uniaxial Scale Type


Model EDJ-40C

Uniaxial Scale Type

Biaxial Scale Type


Model EDJ-40C2

Biaxial Scale Type

Uniaxial Bolt Type


Model EDJ-41M

Uniaxial Bolt Type



Model EDJ-40TJ


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