The EPS-30V-J jack out pressure cell has been designed to measure the stress on base slabs, diaphragm/slurry walls etc. Construction of a jack out pressures cell is a combination of a thin, flexible, round, flat diaphragm and a thick and rigid back plate. The plates are welded around the periphery leaving a very little gap between the two. The electron beam welded vibrating wire pressure sensor has been welded concentrically with the back plate and the cavity inside the sensor is filled with de-aired fluid.

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Instrument Name

Jackout pressure cell

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire


Suitable to monitor stress at face of a structural element


Monitor stress in diaphragm walls.




0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, 5.0 MPa; specify

Key Testing / Calibration

Accuracy test, leakproof test (standard tests of pressure sensor)

Key Feature/Advantage

Hermetically sealed with electron beam welding

Protection (Waterproofing)

IP-68, water resistant up to its full range

Dimension (mm)

125 x 190 mm (dia x H)200 x 190 mm (dia x H)

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