Heavyduty Temperature Meter

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The ETT-10V consists of a magnetic, high tensile strength, stretched wire fixed to a material with different coefficients of linear expansion. Any change in temperature directly affects the tension in the wire, and thus, its natural frequency of vibration. This temperature sensor is specially designed for measurement of internal temperature in concrete structures, soil or water. It is made of stainless steel and is hermetically sealed under a vacuum of 0.001 Torr.

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Instrument Name

Temperature meter

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire


Suitable for embedment in concrete mass


To measure temperature, such as temperature rise during process of curing concrete




-20° to 80°C

Key Testing / Calibration

Accuracy test, individually calibrated providing high accuracy & repeatability

Key Feature/Advantage

Hermetically sealed with electron beam welding, suitable for long term embedment applications

Protection (Waterproofing)

IP-68, water resistant up to 80 mwc

Dimension (mm)

34 x 168 mm

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