Digital Inclinometer System

A digital inclinometer system makes use of a traversing-type digital tilt-sensing probe that is attached to a reel unit. The reel unit is made up of a winding reel that holds the cable and a wireless Bluetooth relay unit that transmits the digital probe data to the readout unit. The Cable Reel Unit also has a rechargeable battery that supplies power to the entire system.

Encardio Rite offers two high-precision digital inclinometers; Model EAN-26M  - Vertical and  Model EAN-26M-Horizontal, which are one of the most advanced MEMS digital inclinometer systems being produced anywhere in the world.


Encardio Rite's digital inclinometer sensor system consists of:

  • Access tube and fittings
  • Digital tilt sensing probe (vertical or horizontal)
  • The interconnecting cable on a portable reel
  • Mobile phone as a readout/data logger unit


The Digital MEMS Inclinometer System is used for measuring lateral movement in applications like:

  • Earth movement in the landslide zone.
  • Detecting shear planes in hydraulic structures.
  • Measuring stability during construction.
  • Deflection of diaphragm/retaining walls and piles under load.


Applications of Digital Inclinometer:

  • Determination of lateral movement and deformation of earthworks or structures.
  • Measurement of the magnitude of inclination or tilt and its variation with time in structures like retaining/diaphragm walls, piles, etc.

Both the vertical and horizontal systems use a smartphone as their readout unit. It utilizes the capability of high computational power and large high-resolution colour display of today’s Android OS-based mobile phones as a readout and data storage unit. This allows the display of the logged borehole data as tables or various types of graphs commonly used at back-end computers to visualize the data. Thus, the field operator can easily verify the logged data and investigate any anomaly immediately at the site.

The wireless link between the cable reel and readout unit eliminates the traditional slip ring and cable connection between the reel unit and the handheld readout that often became unreliable due to frayed cable and slip ring problems.

Vertical Inclinometer


Model EAN-26M

Vertical Inclinometer

Horizontal Inclinometer


Model EAN-26M-H

Horizontal Inclinometer

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