Dataloggers with GPRS/GSM transmission

A datalogger is an electronic device that is used to record and store data over time. It is either equipped with a built-in sensor or makes use of an external instrument and sensors for the accurate storing of data, also known as data logging.

Dataloggers are an essential tool in geotechnical instrumentation and structural & environmental monitoring. Encardio Rite offers a range of advanced dataloggers that feature a wide operating temperature range, dependable stand-alone operation, and low power consumption. They are also compatible with many telecommunication options and support a variety of measurement and control applications.

Encardio Rite datalogger offers the benefit of automatically collecting data (24/7) from several sensors installed in any kind of project. Dataloggers with GSM/GPRS transmission can be programmed to measure from 5 seconds to 168 hours in linear mode. Once programmed, commissioned, and activated, the datalogger can be left unattended to measure and record data from sensors for the duration of the monitoring period. This allows for accurate remote monitoring and provides a reliable risk assessment of the project.

Encardio Rite provides dataloggers with a GSM Module as well as GPRS Transmission to suit various application areas.


Datalogger Models

1. Model ESDL-30 (Multi-channel Datalogger): The Datalogger is designed to log data from sensors with an SDI-12 interface. Any sensor with an SDI-12 signal interface can be connected to the GPRS/GSM data logger. For example, sensors based on vibrating wire, resistance strain gauges or MEMS technology, etc.

2. Model ESCL-12VT (Single-channel Datalogger): ESCL-12VT is designed to collect data automatically from any vibrating wire sensor with an integral thermistor. It transfers the data to a cloud/private server through an in-built GPRS/GSM modem at set intervals. Its two-way communication facility reduces field costs and provides remote access to the data stored.

3. Model ESCL-10VT (Single-channel Datalogger): The datalogger is designed to monitor a single vibrating wire sensor (including temperature) such as a piezometer, pressure sensor, and crack meter or displacement transducer. The datalogger can additionally monitor barometric pressure. It also has the provision to monitor rainfall using a tipping bucket rain gauge.


Encardio Rite GSM/GPRS Dataloggers are compact, battery-enabled, and equipped with an inbuilt internal memory for data storage. With internal batteries, the dataloggers can be used for a longer duration at a remote location unattended. They are also easy to install, simple to use, and user-friendly. One simply needs to connect the sensors and configure them using the intuitive software without much hassle.

The dataloggers can interface with any computer, laptop, or mobile. They also have a provision to transmit the collected data to any remote server using a SIM (GPS/GPRS signal). The server can be a private server or a cloud server. Automatic collection and wireless transmission of data help reduce field costs and provide easy access to near real-time data with early alarms via email or SMS.

Datalogger for Digital Sensors


Model ESDL-30

Datalogger for Digital Sensors

Single channel Datalogger for Vibrating Wire Sensors


Model ESCL-12VT

Single channel Datalogger for Vibrating Wire Sensors

Datalogger for water level & rain gage


Model ESCL-10VT

Datalogger for water level & rain gage

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