Control box for Total station

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For real time geodetic monitoring, displacement data is measured from the prism targets by a high precision automatic/robotic total station (ATS). Encardio-rite offers an in-house developed model TCB control box with advance software to control the robotic total stations. This results in an automatic three-dimensional (3D) deformation monitoring system with the highest accuracies achievable in the industry presently. The system ensures valuable and timely monitoring of the displacements, providing high measurements density, simultaneous wireless transmission and automatic entry of the results in the monitoring database at central server or cloud. 

The total station control box (TCB) is a combination of hardware and software to have a fully automated solution for real time 24x7 measurements. It manages total station, performing following activities:

  • Schedule frequency of measurements
  • Addition or subtraction of monitor benchmarks
  • Applying filters of acceptance or repetition of each measurement
  • Calculating and repositioning of the total station, etc.
  • Applying temperature and barometric correction factors automatically

With the control box, the system can be accessed and controlled remotely from anywhere for maintenance, changing frequency, making corrections, turning off/on or reset control box. This makes the system very efficient, prompt, user friendly and economic ensuring minimal time lag between measurements and its evaluation.

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