ABS Inclinometer Casing

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The inclinometer casings can be installed in a borehole, embedded in fill or concrete during construction or fixed to the face of a completed structure. These are self-aligning ABS casings with longitudinal keyways at 90˚ for probe orientation. 

Encardio-rite model EAN-AT series of inclinometer access tubes are 3 m (~9.85 ft) in length. The casings and couplings (fixed or telescopic) are joined together with pop-rivets. Mastic tape is used over the joints to make a waterproof joint. Details of access tubing and accessories required are given below:

EAN-AT70 self aligning access tube
Self aligning ABS tubing, 70 mm o.d. (~ 2.75 in), 58 mm i.d., 3 m length.

EAN-FC70 ABS fixed coupling (70 mm)
ABS fixed coupling for 70 mm o.d. access tube; 77 mm o.d. x 160 mm length.

EAN-TC70 ABS telescopic coupling (70 mm)
ABS telescopic coupling for 70 mm o.d. access tube; 77 mm o.d. x 300 mm length, displacement up to 150 mm.

EAN-EC70 End cap for ABS tubing (70 mm)
ABS end cap for 70 mm o.d. access tube to fit at top or bottom.

EAN-TT70 Top cap for ABS tubing (70 mm)
ABS lockable top cap for 70 mm o.d. access tube.

Pop rivets for ABS tubing
Pop rivets packets of 100 numbers for fixed coupling.

Self tapping screws for ABS tubing
Self tapping screws packets of 100 numbers for telescopic coupling.

Pop rivet gun
Hand held manually operated.

Power drill
230 V 50 Hz operation power drill with two 3.2 mm dia drill bits.

Mastic tape
50 mm width x 10 m long mastic tape.

ABS casing sealing accessories
BOPP tape 50 mm width x 30 m long.

Protective cover

Note: ABS casing with 85 mm o.d. (~ 3.35 in), 77 mm i.d., available on request.

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