The inclinometer casings can be installed in a borehole, embedded in fill or concrete during construction, or fixed to the face of a completed structure. These are self-aligning ABS casings with longitudinal keyways at 90˚ for probe orientation. 

Encardio-rite model EAN-AT series of inclinometer access tubes are 3 m (~9.85 ft) in length. The casings and couplings (fixed or telescopic) are joined together with pop rivets. Mastic tape is used over the joints to make a waterproof joint. Details of access tubing and accessories required are given below:

1. EAN-AT70 self-aligning access tube: Self-aligning ABS tubing, 70 mm o.d. (~ 2.75 in), 58 mm i.d., 3 m length.

2. EAN-FC70 ABS fixed coupling (70 mm): ABS fixed coupling for 70 mm o.d. access tube; 77 mm o.d. x 160 mm length.

3. EAN-TC70 ABS telescopic coupling (70 mm): ABS telescopic coupling for 70 mm o.d. access tube; 77 mm o.d. x 300 mm length, displacement up to 150 mm.

4. EAN-EC70 End cap for ABS tubing (70 mm): ABS end cap for 70 mm o.d. access tube to fit at top or bottom.

5. EAN-TT70 Top cap for ABS tubing (70 mm): ABS lockable top cap for 70 mm o.d. access tube.

6. Pop rivets for ABS tubing: Pop rivets packets of 100 numbers for fixed coupling.

7. Self-tapping screws for ABS tubing: Self-tapping screw packets of 100 numbers for telescopic coupling.

8. Pop rivet gun: Handheld manually operated.

9. Power drill: 230 V 50 Hz operation power drill with two 3.2 mm dia drill bits.

10. Mastic tape: 50 mm width x 10 m long mastic tape.

11. 3ABS casing sealing accessories: BOPP tape 50 mm width x 30 m long.

12. EAN-PC: Protective cover

Note: ABS casing with 85 mm o.d. (~ 3.35 in), 77 mm i.d., available on request.

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