TUNNELS: Experience of monitoring 500 kms of tunnel. DAMS: Around 200 dams instrumented/monitored all over the world. BUILDINGS: Instrumented foundation of the tallest building in the world. SEWAGE: Largest Shaft for Pump Station 110 m deep; 55 m wide.

With our strong design team and extensive manufacturing facilities, our past experience and proven expertise, we provide complete monitoring services to the client’s complete satisfaction. We provide Online Geotechnical, Structural, Geodetic and Environmental monitoring solutions with cloud platform as well as in-house servers.
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Encardio-rite monitoring solutions includes a wide range of instruments that suit various types of geotechnical and geophysical applications and projects.


Collapse of a building or bridge is often preceded by change in tilt of affected areas. Our low cost system is effectively used for online monitoring of different type of structures to give timely warning on impending danger.


Encardio-rite automatic weather station is a reliable, standard and cost effective weather data management and presentation system for meteorological data collected by individual sensors from a site.


Encardio rite group of companies and Moniterra have come together to offer a complete solution for safety monitoring. With our combined experience in Geotechnical, Geodectic and online solutions we are today one of the most formidable companies in this field.

Our Key Projects
  • Dam And Hydro-Electric Projects

    Encardio-rite has been associated with the instrumentation of over 200 Hydro-electric projects all over the world including the 260m Tehri earth and rock-fill dam.

  • Underground Metro Tunnels

    Delhi, Dubai, Athens, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ankara, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Jaipur Metro are a few of the metros worldwide which have been instrumented by us.

  • High Rise Buildings

    Encardio-rite has provided the instrumentation for the monitoring the foundation of the Burj Khalifa- Dubai, UAE, the tallest manmade structure in the world, at 829.84 m.

  • Rail-Road Tunnels

    Our services have been involved with the monitoring of over 500 km of rail-road tunnels in the toughest terrains, ranging from geologically complex Himalayas to the soils of Europe. Platamonas Tunnel, Egnatia Motorway including Anilio and Anthochori tunnels, Pir Panjal tunnels are just some of the projects we have been involved with.

  • Building Condition Survey

    Pre and post building condition survey is another service we provide. The condition survey shall be undertaken before and after construction on structures located within the zone of influence of structure, tunnels and shafts in projects.

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Ground Water Level & Barometric Pressure


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