Electrolyic Tiltmeter & Beam Sensors

Model EAN-31EL, EAN-31EL-B Overview

Model EAN-31EL | Electrolytic Uniaxial Tilt Meters

The EAN-31EL tilt sensor are designed for measuring very small tilts, of the order of half a degree, with a high resolution. It is designed to monitor rotation and deflection of structures such as buildings, retaining walls etc. in a vertical plane. These are rugged and high-resolution tilt meters and housed in a compact weatherproof enclosure. These are generally used as a stand-alone unit for measuring tilt. It is either attached directly to the structure whose tilt is to be monitored using suitable mounting brackets or fixed to horizontal or vertical beams.

Model EAN-31EL-B | Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor

Model EAN-31EL-B beam sensor consists of model EAN-30EL sensor mounted on a beam of specified gage length and suitable mounting hardware for fixing the beams to the structure. The individual beam sensors are generally used in linked form to give a differential displacement profile. An array of linked beam sensors allows the vertical settlement profile along the array line to be determined.

Model EAN-41EL-B | Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor

EAN-41EL-B tilt meter is suitable for monitoring inclination and vertical rotation of structures. It is a high resolution tilt meter and rugged in construction. The electrolytic tilt sensor is housed inside the beam (1, 2 or 3 m long). These individual beam sensors can be fixed on to the structures or used in linked form to give differential displacement profile. An EDI-53ELV read-out logger is required to read voltage output from sensor. The output can also be monitored or logged at a remote location by our automatic data acquisition system/automatic data loggers.


SensorElectrolytic level type, Uniaxial
Measuring range± 1° (60 arc minutes)
Linear range± 0.5° (30 arc minutes)
Sensor Output± 1 Volt (nominal) at 0.5°
Excitation supply12 Volt dc (nominal) (from data logger)
Resolution1 arc second
Repeatability)± 3 arc seconds
Temperature limit-20° to 50°C
Beam38 x 38 mm, aluminium with 1 m, 2 m & 3 m options
** Note: Polynomial linearisation co-efficients are provided for utilizing full 0 measurement range of ± 1°