High Capacity Solid Load Cell

Model ELC-150S-H Overview

ELC-150S-H is a resistive strain gage type load cell. It is designed to measure large compressive load or axial forces. The load cell is used extensively in pile testing. This load cell is similar to the ELC-210S. It has great resistance to extraneous forces and is protected against dust, moisture, and adverse environmental conditions. This increases the fatigue life, permits a less stringent mounting alignment and reduces the possibility of reading error.


Range (kN)5000, 6000, 7500,10000 & 12500
Rated output1.5 mV/V ± 10 %
Over range capacity120 % with a maximum upto 14000 kN
Temperature limit-20° to 80°C
CableFour-core shielded 5 m long; specify
Calibration accuracy± 0.25 % fs
Non-linearity± 1 % fs