Who We Are

For over 55 years, Encardio Rite has led the Geotechnical Instrumentation industry supporting over a thousand global projects. From bridges to tunnels, dams to mines and high-speed rail to construction, our Sensing products have helped us fulfil our purpose of bringing safety to structures.

Our Achievements

Encardio Rite a pioneer in manufacturing of sophisticated instruments was incorporated in 1966 with the main objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing Instruments involving high technology and providing associated services.

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Our promise to you goes beyond sensing. Meta in Greek means beyond. With Metasensing, we are able to deliver data, expertise and technology, ensuring the safety of structures, and keeping you in control – anytime, anywhere. This is done physically through a complete range of in-house manufactured sensors. We are the largest manufacturer of these sensors in the world

  • Digitally by our own datalogger with wireless transmission
  • Globally we have experienced and qualified engineers proving on ground assistance when and where required.
  • We have one the most advanced software that integrates all these parameters in near real time and delivers alerts so that you can take action in time.

It is because of this promise of Metasensing for mega structures that our clients over the last 56 years have trusted us again and again with the most challenging projects in the world. We have done over 1000 km of tunnelling, the deepest shaft for a pump station at 110 m deep, and the most talked about One Zaabeel Tower.

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