Project Information

  • Location: Ramban, India
  • Client: Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC), Srinagar/Jammu, India
  • Contractor: Jaiprakash Associates Ltd., for all civil and hydromechanical works, on EPC basis.
  • Consultants: I.M. Sahai 
  • Year: 1999-2008

Baglihar Dam

Bahlihar Hydropower Project is located on the Chenab River in the northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. It consists of a gravity concrete dam 144.5 m high and 363 m long, which has a total volume of 1.9 million m³, creating a reservoir with a capacity of 475 million m³. The underground powerhouse is 221 m long, 24 m wide and 51 m high. Six Francis turbines, each with a capacity of 150 MW, produce a total capacity of 900 MW, utilizing a gross head of 130 m. 

Encardio-rite was awarded the complete contract for supply as well as installation of safety monitoring instrumentation for the project including:

  • Vibrating wire piezometer
  • Vibrating wire pressure cells
  • Seepage measuring device
  • Water level indicator
  • Four-point mechanical borehole extensometer
  • Three-point mechanical borehole extensometer
  • Three-point electronic borehole extensometer
  • Vibrating wire joint meter
  • Uplift pressure meter
  • Normal & inverted pendulum
  • Tilt meter
  • Thermistor probe
  • Tape extensometer with groutable anchors and calibration frame, etc.
  • Rock bolt load cell -vibrating wire type
  • Readout units
  • Data acquisition system 

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