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Database Management Systems

The Encardio-rite’s monitoring system is versatile and can correlate data from structural, geotechnical, geodetic, environmental and Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) sensors etc. Encardio-rite offers a complete online cloud-based or local access data monitoring solution for monitoring water resources or civil engineering/construction projects.

Few of the highlights of the database management software are:

    • Comprehensive data management systems that can store data from different sources.
    • Easy access to meaningful instrumentation data. Data is presented in graphical as well as in numerical format.
    • Results are accessible on tablets and smartphones.
    • Access to sensors on one screen.
    • Instant alerts via SMS or email to authorized personnel.
    • Combined charts in one report (mix deformations, TBM data and water level).
    • Live monitoring display of all the incoming measurements from the TBM.
    • Diagrams from every TBM parameter updated in real time.
    • Creation of diagrams from any combination of parameters and time period.
    • Multiple authorized users at different locations can simultaneously interact with the software through a web-browser to view any real-time data/changes, graphs or reports from any project site.
    • Low operational cost and user-friendly tools for day-to-day operations.

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