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Calendar 1966


Encardio-rite a pioneer in manufacturing of sophisticated instruments was incorporated in 1966 with the main objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing instruments involving high technology and providing associated services. It began its journey by manufacturing electro-medical instruments such as ECG/EEG machines, patient monitoring systems etc. and other instruments like multi-channel recorders, Moss Bauer radiation analyzer, TLD reader, facsimile trans-receivers etc. Over the years, it has distinguished itself as a young, dynamic electronic enterprise.

In 1973, the R&D division of Encardio-rite registered itself with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

In 1977, Encardio-rite’s capabilities were recognised all over the country when the MD of the company, Mr. Amod Gujral received the prestigious IMM Award for Marketing Man of the year from the President of India.

In 1978, Encardio-rite entered into collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for manufacture of high precision load cells, pressure transducers, data amplifiers and vibration sensors. ISRO also helped Encardio-rite procure an electron beam welding machine enabling us to manufacture world class sensors with a vacuum inside them.

In 1981, a second factory was set-up around 100 m away from the first factory. The electron beam welding machine along with other sophisticated manufacturing and test equipment were set-up in the new factory.

During 1984-1987, the Company made a tactical change and moved into the field of Geotechnical and associated services, and introduced the vibrating wire technology for manufacture of geotechnical instrumentation for the first time in the country. Today, Encardio- rite is the world leader in this field of Geotechnical, Geophysical and Structural Monitoring Instrumentation.

In 1995, Encardio-rite became an ISO-9001 certified organisation from DNV of Netherlands for its entire product range.

In 1997, Encardio-rite ventured into exports in a small way after participating at Interkama at Dusseldorf. Today, Encardio-rite exports to several countries in Europe, South Africa, South America, USA; Middle East and East Asia, etc.

In 2002, Encardio-rite got its first turnkey Instrumentation and Monitoring assignment for Delhi Metro with around 11 km long tunneling by TBM and 10 underground stations. We successfully instrumented this project for safety during the construction period setting a milestone for Encardio-rite, as the project became a stepping stone for obtaining similar projects in Middle East.

In 2006, Encardio-rite received its first overseas metro project, i.e. the prestigious Dubai Metro project, to be executed on turnkey basis that included instrumentation supply, installation, monitoring and reporting.

In 2008, Encardio-rite established its first overseas branch in Dubai and in 2009 another one in Abu Dhabi. Since then we have executed instrumentation and monitoring of several large civil engineering projects.

In 2010, we introduced model EAN-26M two wire digital inclinometer system using a mobile phone as a read-out logger for the first time in the world. The project was published in a paper presented at the FMGM at Berlin in the same year. This development has a set up a new trend in the monitoring of geotechnical instruments.

In 2011, we started operations at Bahrain with Instrumentation and Monitoring contract for the 16 km long underground sewer line. Simultaneously, we started working on the instrumentation and monitoring of the 90 km long underground sewerage line at Abu Dhabi. This line has the largest sewerage treatment plant under construction with a diameter of 52 m and a depth of 100m. We worked with Odebrecht on the instrumentation and monitoring for safety during construction on this project.

In 2012, we introduced indigenous advanced ground water level monitoring systems with data transmission by telemetry for the first time in India, facilitated with the latest cutting edge technology.

In 2013, Rite Geosystems WLL has been set-up in Qatar, it is already in operation with a staff of around 70 personnel, executing the Instrumentation and Monitoring of major stations, Green Line, Red Line, and Gold Line for QRail at Doha in Qatar.

In 2013, Rite Geosystems Pte Ltd. has been incorporated in Singapore. We plan to start operation during next year.

In 2014, Condor Technologies Company Limited has been set-up in Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, Encardio-rite got D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) rating of 4A1 which is the highest rating for a firm’s financial strength and credit worthiness.

In 2016, Encardio-rite celebrated 50 years of excellence, during which we have ensured steady growth and success. We have won a number of prestigious awards that led us to become a stronghold corporation that we are today. While staying focused on our mission to be the most valued solution provider to our customers with long term relationships, Encardio-rite looks forward to expand its business into new markets and form new alliances.

Work is now in progress on developing Instrumentation and Monitoring systems for water quality monitoring to cover a large range of parameters like COD, BOD, DO, pH, Conductivity, TSS, Turbidity, Nitrates and Nitrites etc. Intricacies