To ensure zero risks during the construction process, Encardio-rite offers a comprehensive range of sensors with advanced database management. Our sensors are of superb quality with high precision and reliability. A wide range of sensors are hermetically sealed resulting in IP-68 protection that results in sensors being almost completely resistant to the effect of corrosion and ingress of moisture and water, making them best suitable for long term monitoring. All our products comply with the ISO-9001:2015 quality systems conforming to international standards.

Our geotechnical monitoring system facilitates automatic and manual monitoring of all key sub-surface and surface parameters like stress, strain, load, piezometric pressure, water level, lateral deformation, joint opening, crack, settlement, leakage and seepage loss, convergence, tilt, etc. The compact data loggers are very easy to configure and can transfer data to a central server through radio frequency or mobile network. Our in-house developed control box with advance software is widely used to control robotic total stations for automatic surveying. The monitored data is constantly provided online or through evaluation reports to the construction contractor and consultants. This results in expediting work in the safe zones and taking prompt corrective action where there is a possibility of any risk.