Wireless Tiltmeter with GPRS/GSM Transmission

Model ESDL-30MT Overview

ESDL-30MT wireless tilt meter consists of one uniaxial or biaxial MEMS tilt sensor mounted inside an automatic SDI-12 digital interface datalogger. It is a complete unit in itself to monitor tilt at any location. It features a wide operating temperature range, dependable stand-alone operation, low power consumption, compatibility with many telecommunication options and flexibility to support a variety of measurement and control applications. All the measured data is stored, together with the current date, time and battery voltage, as data record in the internal non-volatile memory of the datalogger and can be transferred to a remote server/PC through GSM/GPRS service.


Uniaxial or biaxial tilt meter
Measuring range
± 15°
± 10 arc seconds
± 0.1 % fs
Temperature limit
-20° to 80°C

± 0.05 mm/m (8 arc seconds

1As tested under laboratory conditions.

Tiltmeter with GPRS/GSM Transmission
Tiltmeter with GPRS/GSM Transmission