VW Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System

Model ESM-30V Overview

Model ESM-30V high sensitivity liquid level settlement measuring system is designed for remote measurement of minute differential settlement in tunnels, bridges and buildings with high precision.

The system uses low range vibrating wire force transducer with a submersible cylinder suspended in fluid filled vessels interconnected in series by a fluid filled tube. All interconnected vessels including reference vessel are mounted at same elevation and have a common fluid level initially. The fluid level in the reference vessel is maintained constant and is monitored with the vibrating wire force transducer. Settlement of any vessel installed, causes change in its fluid level, affecting the buoyancy on the suspended cylinder, which is measured by the vibrating wire force transducer.

The vibrating wire force transducer can be read with a vibrating wire readout unit. It can also be read remotely with suitable datalogger. Since the sensor is vibrating wire type and has frequency output, data can be transmitted over long lengths of cable without any problem.


Range (mm)

150, 300, 600, specify

Resolution (mm)

0.07, 0.15


± 0.1 % fs


± 0.5 % fs

Temperature limit

-20° to 80°C


YSI 44005 or equivalent

Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System (VW)
Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System (VW)