V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring

Model ESM-10 Overview

The model ESM-10 V-notch weir is an integral part of seepage monitoring system. It is designed to measure seepage of water through, around or under a dam in earth as well as concrete dams. It is one of the oldest, simplest and the most reliable device used to measure the quantity of flow of water.
The weir is available in different size and angle, depending on application (rate of flow) and project requirement.  It is made of high-quality stainless steel material.  

Readings from the weir can be taken manually using a staff gauge or stainless steel scale which is fixed to the side wall (for reading head above the vortex of the notch).  The readings can also be taken in near real time/online with model ESM-12S/1 digital seepage monitoring sensor and model ESDL-30 datalogger.



22.5°, 45°, 90° and rectangle


From 10 to 70 litres/second

V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring
V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring