Thermocouple Probe

Thermocouple Overview

Thermocouple measurement consists of a thermocouple wire with two dissimilar conductors (Copper-Constantan) joined at one end to form a hot junction. This end is sealed against corrosion and placed at the required locations of temperature measurement. The other end of the thermocouple wire is connected to a suitable thermocouple connector to form a cold junction.

The thermocouple readout displays a direct reading of the temperature at the installed location and automatically compensates for the temperature at the cold junction.


Wire TypeT-Copper-Constantan
Wire InsulationPFA TeflonC
Hot junction TemperatureUp to 260°C (Max)
Cold Junction TemperatureAmbient
Connector Type MiniatureGlass filled Nylon
Service temperature-20° to 100°C
Sensor TypeT-Copper-Constantan
DisplayTwo 4 ½ digit + one 6 digit
Range-200° to 400°C
Accuracy0.05 %
AlarmsHigh/Low (audible)