The ETT-10PT RTD consists of a ceramic resistance element (Pt 100) with DIN IEC 751 (formerly DIN 43760) European curve calibration. The probe is well suited for long-term installations due to its excellent stability and accuracy. The resistance element is housed in a closed end robust stainless steel tube that protects the element against moisture.

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Instrument Name

RTD probe

Sensor Type

Pt 100


Consists of ceramic element with DIN IEC 751 European curve calibration.


To measure temperature, such as temperature rise during process of curing concrete



Range (kN)

-20° to 80°C

Key Testing / Calibration

Accuracy test

Key Feature/Advantage

Robust stainless steel tubing protects the element against moisture.

Protection (Waterproofing)


Dimension (mm)

8 x 135 mm

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