Spot Weldable Strain Gauge

Model EDS-20V-SW Overview

EDS-20V-SW vibrating wire strain gage can be spot welded or epoxy bonded on steel structures and struts. It can also be epoxy bonded on concrete structures. A sensor coil housing mounted directly over the strain gage, completely encloses the sensor, forming a watertight enclosure. A pair of clamps are provided to aid in fixing the housing to the substrate using an epoxy adhesive.


Range3000 μ strain
Sensitivity1 μ strain
Active gage length50.8 mm
ThermistorYSI 44005 or equivalent
Temperature limit-20° to 80°C
Size l x b x h (mm)87 x 22 x 18
Cable connectionFour-core shielded 1 m long; specify