Soil-rock Interface Pressure Cell

Model EPS-30V-I Overview

The EPS-30V-I interface pressure cell is used to measure pressure between soil and rock or concrete interfaces. The pressure cell is designed similarly as EPS-30V-S, except a thicker diaphragm on rock/concrete side of the pressure pad, which minimizes point-loading effects.


Range (MPa)0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, 5.0,10.0, specify
Accuracy± 0.5 % fs standard | ± 0.1 % fs optional
Over range limit150 % fs of range
Temperature limit-20° to 80°C
ThermistorYSI 44005 or equivalent
Pressure pad sizes l x b (mm)200 mm Φ x 7 mm thick (EPS-30V-S/EPS-30V-C) 200 mm Φ x 10 mm thick (EPS-30V-I)
*Calibrated accuracy of pressure sensor