Single channel Datalogger for Vibrating Wire Sensors

Model ESCL-12VT Overview

Model ESCL-12VT single channel datalogger is designed for collecting data automatically from any vibrating wire sensor with integral thermistor. With telemetry option, it transfers the data to cloud/private server through in-built GPRS/GSM modem at set intervals. Schedule can be set as fast as 5 minutes. Automatic collection and wireless transmission of data helps in reducing field costs and provides easy access to near real-time data with early alarms.

The datalogger has the facility of two way communication. This further reduces field costs significantly as it provides remote access to configure, receive system status update, and carry out maintenance or diagnostics and preventive actions from office itself. This eliminates any need of site visit after installation. 

ESCL-12VT is a compact rugged datalogger that can be used in a variety of application to provide accurate and reliable data from vibrating wire sensors. It features a wide operating temperature range, dependable standalone operation, low power consumption, compatibility with many telecommunication options and flexibility to support a variety of measurement and control applications. It has an on board 5-pin connector for rapid sensor connection. The durable construction makes it well-suited for unattended applications.



Any vibrating wire sensor with inbuilt thermistor

Measuring range

VW frequency range 400-6000Hz;

Temperature: Thermistor type, Dale 1C3001-B3, temperature range -40 to +100°C


Frequency: ± 0.01 % of reading

Temperature: ± 0.1°C

(excluding sensor inaccuracy)

Real time clock: ± 1 minute/month


Frequency: 0.001 Hz

Temperature: ± 0.01°C

Real time clock: 1 second

Scan interval

5 seconds to 168 hours

Data upload schedule

5 minutes to 168 hours

Remote configuration & data retrieval

Datalogger can be configured remotely by 2-way telemetry using 3G/4G cellular network

Operating temp. range

- 30 to 70ºC

Battery Backup

>5 Years with 7.2 V Lithium Battery (with 4 scans/day and 1 upload/day)

>3 Years with 3 V Alkaline Battery (with 4 scans/day and 1 upload/day)

Single channel Datalogger for Vibrating Wire Sensors
Single channel Datalogger for Vibrating Wire Sensors