Prism Target

Model ERT-10P2 Overview

ERT-10P2 consists of a mini prism mounted on a universal joint such that it can be oriented in any direction as required. A copper coated prism is used in the target.

Convergence bolt of zinc plated steel constructions with protective cap, an adaptor with a plastic reference break-off point is available with the supply. The break-off point adaptor is required to mount the target on the convergence bolts. The prism target and its mounting componentsare is made of high performance materials and precise manufacturing processes. The target is thus, interchangeable.


Measuring range

Approximately 0.3 m to 600 m

Manufacturing accuracy

± 0.1 mm

Addition constant

+17.5 mm

Prism target material

Prism support is plastic, mounted on universal joints

Protective cap material

Red polyvinyl chloride

Break-off point material

Plastic - Acetal

Convergence bolt sizes

8 mm dia x 170 mm

12 mm dia x 170 mm optional

Convergence bolt material

Galvanised steel rebar with stainless steel threaded stud