Magnetic Scour Monitoring System

Model EBSM-101M Overview

Encardio-rite Model EBSM-101M is a Magnetic Scouring Monitoring System that employs a magnetic collar on an embedded stainless steel body tubular probe. The magnetic collar is placed on the river bed and mirrors the level of the streambed during scouring. It slides over a stainless steel support pipe placed vertically onto the streambed. The sensor probe is contained in the stainless steel support pipe and consists of a switch array at 45mm intervals. When the magnetic collar comes closer, a switch locks at the depth, providing the downward movement data of the magnetic collar.



Magnetic switch array with switches at 45 mm intervals, inside support  pipe


45 mm

Probe & support pipe

Probe, SS housing, 60.3 mm dia. x 2.75 m deep. Additional 60.3 mm dia. SS support pipes 2.75 m long can be supplied as per requirement depending upon depth of riverbed.

Size of magnetic collar assembly

OD: 165 mm, ID: 63 mm and

Height: 176 mm (typical)

Magnetic Scour Monitoring System
Magnetic Scour Monitoring System