Horizontal Inclinometer

Model EAN-26M Overview

The EAN-26M model is one of the most advanced MEMS digital inclinometer systems of the world. It uses Android mobile phone as a readout and data storage unit so that it is having the high computational power and high-resolution color display capabilities.
This system is used to measure the lateral movement and deformation of a structure. It provides information about a magnitude of inclination or tilt and its variation with time in structures like retaining/diaphragm walls, piles, etc.
This system consists of inclinometer casings with couplings, probes with operating cables and a mobile phone data logger. Accessories like a dummy probe and calibration jig are available on demand.


System accuracy± 2 mm/30 m (± 0.1 in/100 ft)
Cable6 mm Ø, 2 core kevlar reinforced polyurethane sheathed
Cable reel upto 100 m (330 ft)300 mm Ø (flange)
100-200 m (330-650 ft)380 mm Ø (flange)