Electrical Uplift Pressure Sensor

Model EPU-20V Overview

Uplift pressure measuring device consists of a perforated/non-perforated pipe of 50 mm dia of adequate strength. The pipe is inserted in a drilled hole in the foundation from the instrumentation gallery to the required depth. To the other end of the pipe in the gallery model EPU-20Vuplift pressure sensor is connected.

Model EPU-20V uplift pressure sensor incorporates the latest vibrating wire technology to provide remote digital readout of fluid and/or water pressure in standpipes, bore holes and embankments. It is similar to the model EPP-30V piezometer except that instead of the special filter, a 25 mm BSP adaptor is provided for the pipe connection. The water oozing through internal pores or seams in rock formations of dam foundations, mass concrete /foundation soil of structures, reclaimed land soil etc. percolates upward through the pipe to the sensor


Range (MPa)

0.2, 0.35, 0.5, 1.0, specify


± 0.25 % fs normal

± 0.1 % fs optional

Non linearity

± 0.5 % fs


0.025% fs

Over range limit

150 % of range

Temperature limit

-20°C to 80°C


YSI 44005 or equivalent

Dimension (dia x L)

42 x 210 mm