Casagrande Piezometer

Model EPP-10 Overview

EPP-10 porous tube piezometer consists of a porous carborundum or allundum (casagrande) tip covered with geotextile cloth, PVC standpipe, suitable adaptors and an end cap.

EPP-10SP standpipe, used for ground water measurement, consists of a PVC slotted pipe covered with geotextile and a series of PVC riser pipes/standpipes with inbuilt socket & end caps.


Casagrande tip40 mm o.d., 27 mm i.d., 20, 40, 60 cm long
Standpipe25 mm o.d., 3 m long each
Porous tip50 mm o.d., slotted pipe -1 m or 3 m
Standpipe50 mm o.d., 3 m long each