Biaxial Scale Type Mechanical Crack Meter

Model EDJ-40C2 Overview

Model EDJ-40C2 is a biaxial mechanical crack meter with a marking of ±25 mm (x-axis) and ±10 mm (y-axis). It is ideally suited for measuring the change in width of a surface crack to a resolution of 0.5 mm, or shearing.

EDJ-40C2 biaxial rack meter consists of a graduated scale with a resolution of 0.5 mm and a transparent acrylic plate with a hairline cursor mark. The graduated scale and the transparent acrylic plate is assembled across the crack with expandable anchors in 5 mm diameter holes drilled to a depth of 30 mm as shown in the adjacent figure.


Range (mm)

±25 mm (x-axis), ±10 mm (y-axis).


0.5 mm