Datalogger for water level & rain gage

Model ESCL-10VT Overview

The ESCL-10VT is a single channel vibrating wire data logger, designed for monitoring a single vibrating wire sensor (including temperature) such as a piezometer, crack meter or displacement transducer. This data logger uses a Bluetooth modem to interface with Mobile phone. Data logger can be connected through mobile phone using ESCL-10VT application software running on mobile phone. The data logger can additionally monitor barometric pressure and rainfall, using a tipping bucket rain gage.

The following data transmission options are available in the above data loggers:

  • Telemetry through GSM/GPRS modem
  • Read out/data retrieval using a laptop


InputPressure sensor
Resolution18 bits (better than 1 mm for 70 m WC sensor)
Temperature measurement range-20° to +70°C with 0.1°C resolution
Logging interval5 seconds to 168 hours@Excel.
Memory capacity8 MB Flash RAM. Can store 3,145,728 data points
Data output formatCSV text file. Can be easily imported in many third party applications like Microsoft excel
Communication portOne RS-232 serial port. Interface cable for connecting to USB 2.0 port supplied as standard
Operating temperature range-30° to 70°C
Power supply boxed version (BX)2 x D size 3.6 V/19 Ah Lithium cells, or 2 x D size 1.5 V Alkaline high power cells, or 12 V SMF battery chargeable from solar panels, or 12V SMF battery chargeable from the AC mains
Housing Box versionWeather proof enclosure
Cylindrical versionCorrosion resistant stainless steel, AISI grade 316L.
Dimensions (BX) (W x L x H)120x 220 x 91 (mm) for box version with suffix BX
Humidity100 %
Modem (in telemetry option)Quad Band GSM/GPRS/ EDGE, 850/800/1800/1900 MHz
Antenna(In telemetry option)Built-in or separate mounted antenna available
Datalogger for water level & rain gage
Datalogger for water level & rain gage