Datalogger for Digital Sensors

Model ESDL-30 Overview

The ESDL-30 data logger is designed to log data from any sensor with an SDI-12 digital interface. It can be programmed to measure from 5 seconds to 168 hours in a linear mode. All the measured data is stored together with the current date, time and battery voltage, in the internal non-volatile memory of the data logger. The ESDL-30 is a rugged data logger that operates in a wide temperature range, reliable in a stand-alone operation, power efficient and great compatibility with numerous telecommunication options. The data logger can perform a variety of measurement and control applications with accuracy and reliability.


InputSensor with SDI-12 signal interface
Scan/upload interval5 seconds to 168 hours
Memory capacityFlash Memory (64-MB); 2 Million data points.
Data output formatCSV text file. Can be easily imported in many third party applications like Microsoft Excel.
Communication portRS-232 (Standard) 115 kbps
Temp. measurement range-20° to +70°C with 0.1°C resolution.
Operating temperature range-30° to +70°C
Humidity100 %
Power supply2 x D size 3.6 V/19 Ah Lithium cells, or
2 x D size 1.5 V Alkaline high power cells, or
12V SMF battery chargeable from AC mains or solar panel
Communication portRS-232 (Standard) 115 kbps
HousingCorrosion resistant weather proof enclosure
Antenna(in telemetry option)Built-in or separately mounted antenna.