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Advance Facilities

Encardio-rite is amongst the few organization in the World having in-house R&D, Manufacturing and Calibrating facilities for the complete product range. Our extensive and fundamental knowledge of sensors, data logging systems, telemetry and web data monitoring systems, allows us to provide the finest sensors and prompt after sales service.

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R&D Division

Leaders in technological advancements with cutting-edge software, instrumentation, monitoring and manufacturing techniques, the Encardio-rite group addresses the dynamic requirements of the evolving construction and environmental sectors.

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Providers of consistent quality services with reliable products, in compliance with the ISO-9001:2008 quality systems conforming to international standards.

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The group has state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, equipped with the best of tools and latest technology, including the electron beam welding and load cell calibration facilities with up to 15,000 kN. A wide range of sensors are hermetically sealed resulting in an IP-68 protection that in turn results in sensors becoming almost completely resistant to the effect of corrosion and ingress of moisture and water. Thus, making them best suitable for long term monitoring.

Geotechnical Monitoring Systems
Tunnel Machine
Hydroelectric Machine
Safety Monitoring Machine