Encardio-rite has been associated with the instrumentation of over 200 Hydro-electric projects all over the world including the 260 m Tehri earth and rock-fill dam. We have executed most of the projects on turnkey basis providing supply, installation and monitoring services. Our technology of manufacturing sensors with electron beam welded makes them the best suited for the long term monitoring of these projects. Our experience in instrumenting dams is unparalleled in the world.

Details of few of our projects instrumented by us worldwide are given below:

Koldam Hydroelectric Power Project, ITD/NTPC


Location: Sutlej River near Barmana on the Chandigarh-Manali Highway ( NH-21 ) and the border of Bilaspur district and Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh, India.Himachal Pradesh
Client: NTPC
Contractor: Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD)

The 800 MW Koldam Dam Hydropower Project is an embankment dam.

Encardio-Rite was selected to provide the geotechnical instruments for this prestigious project and successfully instrumented and monitored the dam and commissioned DAS.NTPC was quite appreciative of our instruments as it helped and took many decisions during dam filling.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant


Location: 5 km north of Bandipore in Jammu and Kashmir
Client: NHPC
Contractor: NHPC
Consultants: NHPC

The 330 MW Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant is part of a run-of-the-river hydroelectric scheme that is designed to divert water from the Kishanganga River to a power plant in the Jhelum River basin. This Project is taken up by BHEL.

Encardio-Rite bagged this high profile dam project for the typical instrumentation and monitoring and successfully installed various kinds of dam instruments.

Teesta Stage-V Hydroelectric Plant


Location: Singtam, Sikkim
Client: NHPC
Contractor: Jaiprakash Associates Ltd
Consultant: NHPC

500 MW Concrete gravity Teesta V Hydroelectric Power Station India is located at Singtam, Sikkim, India. This infrastructure is of TYPE Hydro Power Plant. It has 3 unit(s). The Teesta Stage-V dam forms part of the hydraulic engineering project on the Teesta River in India, in the State of Sikkim, on the southern slope of the Himalaya. The project is distinguished by two unusual aspects: the technology used and the logistic involved.

Encardio-Rite was responsible for the supply and services of Instrumentation for the complete dam.Complete geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring along with supply of and commissioned DAS for online monitoring.

Ghatghar Dam


Location: Ghatghar village, Maharashtra
Client: Water Resources Department, Maharahtra
Contractor: Patel Engineering Ltd.
Consultant: Tata Consulting Engineers

250 MW Ghatghar Dam refers to two associated gravity dams built using roller-compacted concrete, the first use in India. Both dams create a lower and upper reservoir for the 250 MW pumped-storage hydroelectric power station.

Supply and Services of Instrumentation were provided by Encardio-Rite.

Vaitarna Dam


Location: Itagpuri
District: Nasik,Mumbai
Client: BMC
Contractor: SOMA, L&T

Vaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a gravity dam on Vaitarna river which supplies water to Mumbai. It is one of its kind and is a complete RCC dam.

We have executed this project on turnkey basis providing supply, installation and monitoring services. Typical Light Protecting Units were used for the first time for this project

Koprubasi HE Project


Location: Koprubasi, Turkey

Koprubasi hydro-electric project is a key project instrumented by Encardio-rite. Koprubasi is situated in Bolu district between Ankara and Turkey.

The project execution involved supply of complete geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring along with the supply of automatic data acquisition systems EDAS-10.

Kastoria Dam


Location: Kastoria, Greece

The Kastoria dam's reservoir capacity is about 2,000,000 cubic meters and the scope of construction of the dam is to irrigate an area of about 500 ha.

Encardio-rite instrumented the dam by providing the geotechnical instrumentation and monitor the Kastoria dam during the construction phase.

Tala HE Project


Location: Tala, Bhutan

The Tala hydro-electric project is a 1,020 MW power project. Tala project is the biggest joint project between Indian government and Bhutan government so far. The Tala hydro-electric project will generate 4,865 million kWh/yr.

The THPA project has been instrumented completely by Encardio-rite on turnkey basis. Work consisted of supply, installation and monitoring of the instrumentation by Encardio-rite personnel posted at site. Encardio-rite is proud to be associated with the project instrumentation.

Gilgel Gibe-III HE Project


Location: Ehiopia

Encardio-rite instrumented Gibe III, an 1870 MW hydro-electric project. The Gibe III project is situated on the Omo River, 500 km south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Encardio-rite supplied hydraulic settlement monitoring systems. Instruments have been used by Studio Pietrangeli, Italy for the measurement of settlement/heave in the foundation of the Gibe III dam.

Middle Marsyangdi Dam


Location: Nepal

Middle Marsyangdi hydro-electric project is the Nepal's second largest hydro-electric power project. The installed capacity of the Middle Marsyangdi hydro-power project is 76 MW.

Encardio-rite supplied geotechnical sensors for the instrumentation of earth and rock fill dam, surge/pressure shafts, tunnels, power house with the provision of monitoring services.

Uri-II HE Project, J & K


Location: Jammu & Kashmir

Encardio-rite instrumented Uri 240 MW capacity hydro-electric project. It is a run-of-the-river type dam. The project comprises a barrage, cut and cover, desilting basin, open channel, 10.65 Km long head race tunnel, 2 no. pressure shafts, an underground power house and a 2.06 Km long tail race tunnel.

Encardio-rite provided the services including supply, installation and monitoring of instrumentation by our specialized engineers. The contractor for the project was HCC.

Purulia Pumped Storage


Location: Bagmundi, Purulia district, West Bengal, India
Client: WBSEB

The 900 MW Purulia Pumped Storage Project is the biggest project of its kind in India. The project consists of a 95 m high, 310 m long lower rockfill dam and 65 m high, 800 m long upper rockfill dams.

Both the dams have been instrumented by Encardio-rite, including Penstock, Tunnels and Underground power house.

Salma Dam


Location: Herat,Afghanistan
Client: WAPCOS
Contractor: Angelique India Ltd.

Salma Dam is an under construction hydroelectric and irrigation dam project located on the Hari River in Chishti sharif District of Herat Province in western Afghanistan.

Encardio rite executed the project by supply, installation and data monitoring of geotechnical instruments (VW Peizometers, Pressure cells, Junction boxes, Extensometers, etc.).

Upper Kotmale HEP


Location: Talawakele, Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka

Encardio-rite instrumented the UKHP or Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project in Srilanka. This is a large hydro-electric dam of Sri Lanka.

Encardio rite supplied and installed geotechnical instrumentation for the Surge shaft, Pressure shafts and Power House

Koyna HEP, Maharashtra


Location: Maharshtra,India
Client: MSEB
Contractor: L & T
Consultants: KDMD/CDO Devgiri Engg./Soma

Koyana dam is a 103 m high and 807 m long rubble concrete dam, constructed across river Koyna in Maharashtra State. The installed capacity of project is 1,920 MW.

Encardio-rite supplied and installed no. of geotechnical sensors including Water level sounder, Load cell, Uplift measuring device, Pore pressure, Temperature sensor, Strain gage, Joint meter, Data acquisition system (DAS) & SMA with the provision of monitoring services by our expert engineers.

Srisailam Project, A.P.


Location: Srisailam, District Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh,India.

Encardio-rite supplied geotechnical instrumentation to Srisailam Dam. Dam is constructed across the Krishna River Srisailam project is the 12th largest capacity hydro-electric project in the country. The 512 m long and 145 m high dam was constructed in a deep gorge, approx. 300 m above sea level. The left bank hydroelectric power station generates 6 X 150 MW of power and right bank generates 7 X 110 MW of power.

Encardio rite supplied variety of sensors in this project including Inclinometer, Multi point borehole extensometer, Vibrating wire joint meter, Piezometer, Lload cell, Borehole stress meter and Inverted plumb line.

Parbati Project, Himachal Pradesh


Location: Himachal Pradesh

Encardio-rite instrumented Parbati hydro-electric project (Stage-II), a 85 m high concrete gravity dam located in Himachal Pradesh. The project proposed to harness hydro potential of the lower reaches of the river Parbati.

Encardio-rite supplied and installed ample number of sensors including water level sounder, load cell, uplift measuring device, pore pressure meter, temperature sensor, strain gage, joint meter with the provision of monitoring services by our specialized engineers. The project is being developed by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and contractor was Patel Engineering Ltd. The project is scheduled for completion by 2013.

Nimoo Bazgo HE Project, J & K


Location: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir
Client: NHPC
Contractor: HCC

The Nimoo Bazgo hydro-electric power project is a run-of-the-river power project on the Indus River, 70 kilometers from Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.

Encardio-rite supplied and installed a number of sensors including single point borehole extensometer, multipoint borehole extensometer, water level sounder, load cell, stand pipe piezometer, pore pressure meter, temperature, seepage measurement system, joint meter, direct pendulam with the provision of monitoring services by our specialized engineers. This project is developed by National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and contractor was Hindustan Construction Company (HCC).

Lechago dam (Jiloca river)


Location: Spain

Encardio-rite supplied instrumentation for Lechago dam in Spain. It is a 40 m high zoned earth and rockfill dam sitting on soft continental deltaic deposits. Major application area of work for Encardio-rite was supply of instrumentation for the rock-fill dam and spillway. Encardio-rite manufactured sensors are supplied and installed for the geotechnical monitoring in the project.

Chutak HE Project, Jammu & Kashmir


Location: District of Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir

The Chutak Hydro-electric Project, a run-of-the-river power project. The project construction began on 2007 and was commissioned by Feb 2011. The project involve barrage, underground Power House, head race tunnel, penstock. The Project developed by NHPC Ltd.

Encardio-rite supplied and installed and monitored a number of sensors through our specialized engineers.

Chagallu HE Project, Arunachal Pradesh


Location: Anathapur Dist. Arunachal Pradesh,India

The Chagallu project involved construction of a 40 meter high and 4 kms. long earth dam with 25 meter high spillway.The project started in year 2007. Encardio-rite work included geotechnical instrumentation for barrage, earth dam and canals.

Encardio-rite supplied numerous vertical/horizontal movement devices for installation. In addition, all the instruments were regularly monitored by our specialized engineers.

Dagachhu HEP


Location: District of Dagana, Bhutan
Client: Druk Green Power Corp. (DGPC)
Contractor: HCC

The 126-MW Dagachhu hydro power project in Bhutan built on the Dagachhu River in the southwestern district of Dagana. The project is a run-of-the-river power plant.

Encardio-rite supplied and instrumented geotechnical instrumentation for the diversion Weir, desilter, HRT, Surge Tank, Pressure Shaft, tailrace tunnel, underground power house & transformer cavern.

Dhauliganga HEP


Location: Uttarakhand,India
Client: NHPC
Contractor: KDJV (Kajima- Japan, Daewoo-Korea Joint Venture) & HCC,India

It is a concrete face rock and earth-fill embankment dam on the Dhauliganga River nearDharchula in Uttarakhand, India, close to the borders with Tibet and NepalDhauliganga HE project is a 56 m high, 315 m long concrete face rockfill dam.

Extensive instrumentation supplied by Encardio-rite has been used in the dam and spillway section which includes (VW Peizometers, Hydrostatic overflow settlement gage, Pressure cells, Inclinometers, Junction boxes, Extensometers, etc.)

Tehri Hydroelectric Project


Location: Uttarakhand,India
Client: THDC India Ltd.

The Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India and one of the tallest in the world. It is a multi-purpose rock and earth-fillembankment dam on the Bhagirathi River near Tehri in Uttarakhand, India. The dam's 1,000 MW pumped-storage scheme is currently under construction. The earth and rockfill dam with a height of 260 m (width 592 m) and a spillway section is the fifth tallest dam in the world. It is one of the world's largest hydroelectric projects.

Extensive instrumentation used in the dam, underground power house, tunnels and spillway sections etc.

Doyang HE Project


Location: Wokha District, Nagaland, India

Encardio-rite instrumented Doyong HE project with a capacity of 3 X 25 MW and an estimated annual generation of 227 million located in Wokha District of Nagaland, India.

Major application area of work for Encardio Rite was Instrumentation of Rock-fill Dam & Spillway. Extensive range of Instruments installed by Encardio-rite include Stress meter, Strain meter, NSS, SPBX, MPBX, Tri-axial joint meter, Hydraulic overflow settlement cell, Linear joint meter, Temperature meters, Piezometer, Uplift measuring device, Readout unit, Normal & inverted pendulum.

Subansari Lower Dam


Location: Subansari, Arunachal Pradesh
Client: NHPC
Contractor: SOMA Enterprises Ltd.

The Subansari Lower Dam, a 2,000 Mega-Watt one of the largest hydroelectric power project in India with concrete gravity dam, and surface powerhouse located on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Extensive instrumentation supplied by Encardio-rite for the dam, HRT, DT & slope monitoring which includes-VW piezometer, jointmeter, Stress meter, strain meter,, Inclinometer, MPBX, Magnetic extensometer

Vishnuprayag HEP


Location: Uttarakhand,India

Vishnuprayag hydro-electric project is a 400 MW run-of-the-river project, located in Uttarakhand state. The project comprised of a 17-meter-high concrete diversion dam, desilting chambers, a 4 m dia. tunnel, a surge shaft and 1,491-meter long steel-lined pressure shaft.

Encardio-rite provided instrumentation for dam, adits, HRT & underground power house. Instrumentation provided and installed by Encardio-rite include stress meter, strain meter, no stress strain meter (NSS), single point borehole extensometre (SPBX), multi point borehole extensometer (MPBX), tri-axial joint meter, hydraulic overflow settlement cell, linear joint meter, temperature meter, piezometer, uplift measuring device, readout unit, normal & inverted pendulum, automatic weather station and data acquisition system.

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