Encardio-rite automatic water level recording systems provide a variety of solutions ranging from unattended monitoring of a single borehole for use by industry to statewide monitoring of hundreds of boreholes from a central location by state or national level organizations. Encardio-rite has within a short span is monitoring over 1600 boreholes online all over India for water level in states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, and cities like Hyderabad, Puducherry etc.

The AWLR systems have also been installed at Doha Metro.

Details of few of our projects instrumented by us are given below:

Location: Assam
Project: Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project (AACP, Assam)
Client: Directorate of Agriculture (DoA)
Installed: 208 AWLR

Location: Agra
Project: Ground Water Project, U.P.
Client: Ground water Department, Agra
Installed: 200 AWLR

Location: Telangana
Project: Andhra Pradesh Water Sector Improvement Project (APWSIP), Hydrabad
Client: Irrigation & CAD (P.W) Department
Installed: 25 AWLR

Location: Punducherry
Project: Hydrology Project Phase II
Client: Union Territory of Punducherry Hydrology Organization, Punducherry
Installed: 33 AWLR

Location: Punjab
Project: WRID, Punjab
Client: Water Resource Investigation Division, Punjab
Installed: 50 AWLR

Location: Doha, Qatar
Project: Doha Metro Gold Line
Client: QRAIL
Contractor: ALYSJ
Installed: 50 AWLR

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