Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor

Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor
Model EAN-41EL-B

Model EAN-41EL-B beam sensor is designed to monitor differential movement and rotation in structures. It can also be used for monitoring deflection and deformation of structures such as retaining walls, etc. The electrolytic tilt sensor is housed in a beam (1,2 or 3m long) which can be fixed on to the structure. The individual beam sensors can also be used in linked form to give a profile. Raw output from sensor can be directly monitored on a CR-1000. Voltage option can also be read with the EDI-53ELV read-out logger.

Sensor Electrolytic level type, Uniaxial
Measuring range** ± 1° (60 arc minutes)
Linear range ± 0.5° (30 arc minutes)
Sensor output ± 1 Volt (nominal) at 0.5°
Excitation supply 12 Volt dc (nominal) (from data logger)
Resolution 1 arc second
Repeatability ± 3 seconds
Temperature limit -20 to 50° C
Beam 38 x 38 mm, aluminium with 1 m, 2 m and 3 m options
** Polynomial-linearisation co-efficients are provided for utilising full measurement range of ± 1°
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