Tilt Meter (Box Type)

Tilt Meter
Model EAN-91M/EAN-93M (SDI-12)

EAN-91M tilt meter is suitable for monitoring inclination and vertical rotation in structures such as building, dams etc. It is a rugged, high resolution tilt meter. The sensor is housed in a compact, weatherproof enclosure. The tiltmeter can be directly fixed on a wall/structure. When bolted to a beam, the sensor can be used as a vertical or horizontal beam sensor. It has a voltage output which can be read by any indicator that measures differential voltage output and can also be directly connected to Encardio-rite data acquisition system.
Model EAN-93M tiltmeter (box type) is with SDI-12 disital interface such that all sensors can be connected through single bus cable to our compact automatic datalogger.

Measuring range ± 15°
Output 4 V at 15° Proportional to Sin θ of angle
Sensitivity ± 10 arc seconds
Accuracy1 ± 0.1 % fs
Temperature limit - 20° C to 80° C
Dimension 125 mm x 80 mm x 57 mm
1 As tested under laboratory conditions
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